Electromyography / Nerve Conduction

Electromyography / Nerve Conduction (EMG/NCV)

An EMG/NCV test

EMG/NCV studies are conducted in two steps: first, the response of nerves to electrical stimulation is measured and, secondly, the function of muscles is tested through the insertion of tiny needles into various muscle groups.

  • Physicians often request EMG/NCV tests to determine why you may be experiencing numbness, tingling, pain, weakness, spasms or muscle cramping.
  • The NCV test requires using electricity first to stimulate nerves. Although this may be a little painful, most people do really well with this study.
    1. Bathe/shower on the morning of the exam. Scrub to remove any body oil. Do not use body lotion, oil or cream prior to the test.
    2. Take normal medications.
    3. Wear loose clothing. You may be asked to put on a gown.
    4. Avoid caffeine or tobacco a few hours before your test.
    5. Please inform the technologist and/or physician if you are fitted with a pacemaker.
    6. If you are on Coumadin or other blood thinners, please advise your doctor in advance.
  • You should be able to return to your normal daily routine. If any discomfort or tenderness is felt, you may want to apply ice or a cold compress on the areas where the pin electrode was inserted.